Monday, January 23, 2012

Long Lost Friends

Distance and time often puts a strain on a relationship to the point that it dissipates completely. So many old friends have gone by the wayside in that fashion. There is never the intent to break the bond of friendship; they simply slowly fade into distant memory.

 It takes a two way effort to keep a friendship vibrant when you do not physically see one another from time to time. It is indeed sad when a good loving bond is severed due to neglect. Life continues to happen and new friends come around even as the hope for the renewal of old friendships linger in the back of our minds and hearts.

The various social media like facebook have provided the possibility of re-connection and I have renewed some contacts that I thought were long lost. Friends from High school have renewed the relationship and brought joy and the reminder of what we once were. Always be open to renewed friendship!    


  1. Facebook has reconnected me to long lost friends too and what a new and fresh friendship! I've often thought about this too as I've grown older. These things mean more.

  2. I've have become tired of being the one to keep contact. I admit to having neglected some, but others I have tried to keep in contact through commenting, messages, etc. but there comes a time when I give up because nothing comes from the other side. Like you said, it's a 2-way street....