Friday, January 20, 2012



Zionism –Goals
1.     Unity of all Jews
2.     Ingathering of all Jews in Israel.
3.     Israel = promise to Moses
4.     Strong state of Israel
5.     Preservation of Jewish identity through Hebrew education, spiritual and cultural values.
6.     Pure actions by Jews
7.     Rebuild the Temple

Anger against Jews who do not agree


1.     Islamic State = world
2.     Jihad –personal struggle
3.     All Muslims obey Koran
4.     Resist plural societies
5.     Free the holy city of Jerusalem

Anger against Muslims who do not agree 


1.     Restore right Belief in the Bible
2.     Bible = Word of God literally
3.     Repeal Separation of church & state
4.     Prayer in school
5.     Majority of right wing Christians in the congress.
6.     World Evangelism
7.     Prepare for the Rapture
8.     Destroy Liberalism
9.     Pro Christian Family
10.   Stop Abortions
11.   Stop Gays

Anger against  so-called-Christians who do not agree

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