Sunday, January 15, 2012

Toothpaste Ads


Last night I was watching TV and during a very long run of ads I watched three toothpaste ads. I contemplated the competing ads and recognized that they had one interesting thing in common. In each one I observed the application of the toothpaste on the brush. The toothpaste over lapped each end of the brush in all three ads. There was an over abundance of product displayed.

I discovered a long time ago that it only takes a little dab of toothpaste on my brush to do the job. I once experimented with the minimum amount that would work for me. It does not take much, not much more than a dot of paste and it is enough.

I think the toothpaste companies are trying to get us to use a lot more of their product than is necessary.   Well that is the nature of business to sell as much as possible. All advertizing has that aim. Our aim need to evaluate what we do not based on the ads but on what works for us.


  1. not only the toothpaste companies but ALL products!
    I also think it ridiculous when 3-4 automoblie ads are shown during the same break.... geeez