Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Perversion of Religion

As a student of history and of world religions I have noted many times that people who are mean spirited or power driven will totally go against the teachings of a religion they espouse. It happens in every religion!

In the case of Jesus who taught love, forgiveness, peace and charity we find people of power acting in Christ name to make war, torture people, and call on Christians to hate those who are not Christians. In some cased to hate other Christians to do not follow the quote –TRUE WAY – unquote.

It is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus and it happens all the time. Even some preachers do it on TV.

As a preacher I am much aware that the people Jesus chastised were not the sinners but the religious leaders who were self righteous and perverted the faith. It makes me nervous every time I stand up to preach. I always pray that I will preach the Gospel in love and truth. 

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