Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Question On Company Ethics

"Can a spiritual person work for an unethical company, knowing how they do business, even if they themselves act in a totally ethical way?"  Scott Park.

Good question with many answers. We each have to deal with our own standard of ethics and choose our path accordingly. The job market being what it is today often makes that choice tougher. I have known people who did quit their job because the company acted against their personal ethics. In one case it was at a great personal financial sacrifice to do that. When your job causes you to act in a way that you consider sinful then the eternal choice is clear.

With the realization that many corporations are managed in ways that violate our personal ethics and it may be difficult to find new employment in a company that is ethical. Ethical company's are out there so don't give up looking.One may need to start their own business to ensure that their standards of ethics are followed. It is never an easy choice when you have a family to take to support.

Good advice is to not give up one job before you have secured another. 


  1. I would not, could not, work for an unethical company. When I was young, I worked for an unethical company without realizing how corrupt they were. As I look back, I see that several of the folks I worked with came to accept the devaluation of their morals. After the company was bought, these people were unemployable, their company's reputation being well known in the industry.

    You can never, ever go wrong by being ethical and working for those that are unethical means you either have to adapt to them or leave.