Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Day And Night Experience

I love stained glass windows in sanctuaries. They tell a story of our faith in God. It is a wonderful experience to view on a bright and sunny day. Standing in the center of the sanctuary you can see the glow and sparkle and the sun streams through the window. What glory to just stand there and take it all in. There is another revelation on those nights when the lights are on inside and you are standing outside. There is a warm glow that has a beauty all it’s own, perhaps even better.

Christian’s are a lot like stained glass windows. We shine and sparkle in the light of day when everyone is watching. Our true beauty is discovered in the darkest part of life when the light of Christ comes shining out of us.

It is an easy thing to be a Christian when the going is easy. We can be all smiles when we are getting our way. The test of faith comes when the storm clouds are over us and troubles toss us on life’s seas. We are like the disciples on the Sea of Galiee fearful in the darkness until we let Jesus calm the storm. Our true beauty and faith shows through in the worst of times as well as the best we let Jesus abide in our hearts.

Are you a window of beauty for others when darkness is covering you? Do you let the light of Christ shine from with in you? What story of faith does your window to the world tell? Take some time to really look at stained glass windows and their story in the daytime and then drive by at night when the light shines from within. I think you will be impressed with the difference. 

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