Friday, July 6, 2012

Demas Who?

Demas Who?  Demas was a coworker with the Apostle Paul. What an intoxicating experience it must have been to have worked with Paul in the early days of the Christian church. To actually be there at the foundation of the Christian Church would have been wonderful. The story of Demas starts out wonderful but unfolds in a sad way.

In verse 24 of Philemon Paul refers to Demas and others as "Fellow Workers" who send greetings. He is also given honorable mention in Colossians 4:14. However in II Timothy 4:10 Paul asks Timothy to come back because, "Demas in love with this present world, has deserted and gone to Thessalonica." How sad Paul must have been to write those last words on a friendship. A once exciting relationship became listless, superficial and finally nonexistent because of worldly distractions.

Some people are this way with their Church relationship. At first everything is exciting feeling the love of God and the love of sisters and brothers in faith. Then like Demas other opportunities begin to call them away. Occasionally missing worship at first then more often until they are hardly ever in worship. When that happens it's time for spiritual renewal. It is always good to begin anew, no one ever feels bad about renewal. Only separation makes you feel sad. We don't know what happened to Demas at Thessalonica, perhaps he rejoined the faith and helped make that congregation great. Who knows?

What really matters is your personal journey in faith. If you are a Demas, is it time for your spiritual renewal? 


  1. Good post and a good reminder. I think faith is something we need to seek out where as the world and it's superficial-ness is something that seeks us out and conks us on the head and drags us away. Or at least that is how it feels sometimes. I think the world is definitely in our faces more, with all its crazieness and all the trivial things we get caught up in. But our faith, the real treasure, is something we have to search out daily. Thank you for reminding me how easy it is to be pulled away.