Monday, July 2, 2012

Remembering A Dear Friend

Becky Ritter was a Hospice nurse and a really good friend of mine. I met her at a Chillicothe, Missouri community meeting and during our discussion she discovered that I was a minister and asked me some questions about the bible. I was about to start a new Basic Bible Study at First Christian Church so invited her to try it out. Becky said, “But I am not a member and I am not even a Christian.” I told her that it would be OK by me for her to attend and she did. About three-quarters of the way through the bible study She wanted to be baptized and she joined the church. Two years later this Hospice nurse had cancer and after a long battle died. Becky had a personality that infected people with joy even through her struggling last days of her fight with cancer.

I still miss my friend Becky and her awesome faith in God during her last days on this earth. 

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  1. Condolances. Good friends are hard to come by, this one seemed to be extra special to you.