Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Special Day Idea

One lady I know in Texas has a personal ministry that she calls her "FOR OTHERS DAY." She sets aside one day a week to do nice and unexpected things for other people. She knew of a boy who really liked bananas, so she bought a bunch and took it to him. It was not expected and it was a little thing, but it made that boy's day.

I have been thinking about personal ministry that offers unexpected acts of kindness to others. Some examples might be: a visit to someone in a nursing home that you do not know, take flowers to a friend or neighbor who feels down. Others could include: take this weeks magazines to a doctors office, buy a good book for the public library, mow an elderly person's lawn, visit a person who is homebound and take a small gift, or give a mother the afternoon off.

The list of possible things to do for others is endless. The important part of this adventure is that each of us is involved in a personal ministry that makes a real difference. The size of our acts of ministry is not the issue. Rather it is the love in our hearts in doing ministry that matters. Through positive acts of kindness, we give ourselves to God.

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  1. That's a great idea Pastor Larry - another idea might be to carry around various kinds of gift cards to hand out