Sunday, July 8, 2012

Your Not God!

Divine Apparel

A five-year-old girl always hid behind her mother’s skirt at church when the minister approached wearing his pulpit robe. She would peek around her mother and then quickly hide again if the pastor looked her way. One Sunday the girl’s mother needed to talk to the pastor after worship and followed him to his study. Her daughter right behind her still hiding behind her mothers skirt.  When they reached the office the Pastor removed the black robe and hung it up. The five-year-old suddenly popped out from behind her mother and exclaimed, “Why, you’re not God. You’re just wearing his clothes!”

In a very real sense she was absolutely correct. The pulpit robe does represent a commitment to the word of God. A pastor is very much aware of what he or she represents when wearing one. It is not only pastors who put on divine apparel all Christians do.  For most of us it has nothing to do with the cloth we put on our backs but rather the spiritual covering of the name of Christ. We are all aware of this very special covering when we are in church. Most of us are aware of our spiritual clothing but some of us treat it like underclothes during the week.

Putting on the name “Christian” at our baptism is to put on the covering of Jesus the Christ. Our sins are forgiven and we become new persons. We have removed the covering of sin and put on the covering of salvation by grace. If we have been truthful with God in our confession of faith our new covering has changed our lives.  Are your Christian clothing on the outside all week long. Are you proud to wear God’s clothes?

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