Monday, July 16, 2012

To the Nth Degree

Jesus taught us to forgive to the “Nth” degree and I remember when an Amish community did just that. On the day that their school girls were shot to death at school a representative of the Amish community went to the family of the man who shot their children and forgave. Most people would be going to seek revenge but these people were true followers of Christ.

The loss of a child is the worst pain one can bare. When you think of  the senseless murder of school girls by a man mere understanding is beyond the pale. Yet true to their faith in Christ they expressed forgiveness. To top that off they requested prayers for the family of the man. One mother said, “If I do not forgive him then I will not be forgiven.” When one holds on to anger toward another person that anger becomes a barrier between that person and God. The teachings of Jesus break through those self imposed barriers.

What a witness of faith! I tip my hat to the Amish community. Even though I do not wish to live their life style I do much admire their faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus. Later the families of the dead girls went to the funeral of the man who shot them. We can all learn from their witness to Jesus being the “Lord” of their lives to the Nth degree.

Praise God for faithful witness and practice.

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