Thursday, September 13, 2012


Life is full of disappointments. Promises are made and not kept, dreams are shattered by reality and we are often tricked, abused and manipulated.  So as we grow older we find that it is not so easy to believe all that we see and h ear. Especially during the political season believing is not so simple.

I think about the Disciple Thomas, whom we call the doubting Thomas, and I wonder if a bit of him is in all of us. He had not been in the upper room when Jesus appeared to the others. When they told Thomas that Jesus was alive he doubted their word. It was not until Thomas saw for himself and touched for himself that he believed.

There is that aspect of life that requires some of us to see for ourselves before we accept and believe. Faith is believing in what we can not see or touch by accepting the witness of all those who went before us. We do not let the disappointments of life distract us from our spiritual life of faith.

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