Monday, September 3, 2012

Science and Religion

Science is empirically based. That is it is based on observable, measurable, quantitative evidence.

A large part of science is theoretical based on prior knowledge that allows us to make reasonable inference. It is also changeable based on new observable, measurable evidence. One example is that we once called Pluto a planet but new information gathered by astronomers created a new classification called Dwarf Planets. What scientists know today may change with new information tomorrow.

Religion is revelation based and it is taken on faith. Abraham had a spiritual experience of God and he passed that on to his children. They believed him and had faith in his revelation. Many others have experienced spiritual a awakening, including myself, and shared their revelation with others.

Most of us receive our core beliefs about God from our parents and some receive a revelation experience of God for their core belief.

Science and religion do not need to be mutually exclusive even though their beginning points are very different. A scientist can not measure my personal revelation experience but he can examine the effect it has had on my life.  There is a place at the human table for both because we are all both physical and spiritual beings.

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