Friday, September 7, 2012

Too Much Anger

Yesterday a man in my church went to a neighborhood association meeting to discuss issues. One man who was causing an issue suddenly pulled out a gun and began shooting his neighbors, including my friend who was shot in the head and arm. He is close to death as I write.

Uncontrolled anger plus a gun creates a lot of saddness in our country almost every day. This is nothing new as it can be seen all through our history. The real issue is how do we deal with anger in public meetings and organizations. Hot tempers and short fuses can have catastrophic results. I can immagin several people shouting at each other over something rather trivial. The anger builds in each of them and the words used become harsh and louder.

Is there some one in the room with a soft voice and a word of wisdom? If not anger grows and an instrument of death is used. On person dies and another goes to jail. What a waste of human life because of a loss of self control.

Prayers are needed and the way of peace must be followed.


  1. Linda Groh WikstromSeptember 7, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    We have a man who recently joined our church that had a long time feud with his neighbor. One day, this man shot and killed this neighbor in a fit of rage. He was convicted of manslaughter and served 8 years in prison. He and his wife started attending our church when he was released from prison. Pastor introduced them and at the same time told us what he had done. He asked us to accept him in our church. I must admit that I was apprehensive and actually repulsed by this man. I had been around one other killer (that's another story) in my life.

    This man and his wife started a Kairos Prison Ministries and a few others joined them. Twice a year they go into the prison and hold an event with free home made cookies from the congregation. They pray with the inmates and introduce them to Christ and salvation.

    This man had turned to the Lord in prison and realized that his uncontroled anger had brought him there. He served his sentence due to the "world" and dedicated his life to walk with Jesus.

    I admire this part his life and I have gotten over my repulsion of this man. I need to do more than this. I will talk to him and his wife and tell them that I admire their ministry to the inmates. That's my experience.