Thursday, March 7, 2013

God Hates ... ???

I have been noticing that people are willing to post a message that starts with, “God hates … “ and plug in what ever they do not like. A certain Baptist church seems to think that God hates just about everything and everyone but them.

It seems to me that it is a dangerous thing to tell God that he hates something. How audacious to invoke that kind of language and apply it to God. How would you answer for that on Judgment Day? To do this is the very height arrogance and is so self centered as to be beyond the pale.

Standing in prayer I am humbled to know how much God loves me and all my fellow humans on this earth. That in repentance we are forgiven of our sins and restored to that loving relationship of grace. If I accept that my sins are forgiven how then can I deny that another’s sin is forgiven by the same loving God? God is love and love does not hate!

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