Friday, March 1, 2013

No Creed but Christ

The true genius of our Disciples of Christ movement is direct contact with God by each person.  No priest stands between you and God. This also requires that each believer takes personal responsibility for his or her relationship with God. This also means that when some domination's provide easy quick answers to questions, Disciples must struggle for answers. The struggle usually provides us with answers that have deeper meaning for each believer.

No creed can take the place of our affirmation that Jesus is the Christ our Lord and Savior. Trust and obedience in Jesus the Christ is the Disciples foundation for faith and action. Each person in the community of faith is responsible to God for the Study of the scriptures, their interpretation and the determination of his or her own faith discipline. Each Christian Church provides you with the tools that active Christians need to discover their own personal ministries, but you must make use of them. These tools are found in Sunday school, Bible studies, Theology Discussion Groups and worship.

Some might say, "That means that you can believe anything you want as long as your are sincere."  That is not the case, as every disciple is responsible to God for testing his or her faith. Discovering the truth is a life long project that is more than a personal search. In Christian Covenant with each other, we are bound to call each other to accountability and to nurture each other in commitment and growth. Let us each ask our self the question, "What is God calling me to be and to do?"    

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