Saturday, April 13, 2013

Slave Trade in Kentucky

A ten year old girl is walking alone heading home from visiting a girl friend down the street. A van with darkened glass pulls up and two men jump out grab her and put her in the van. She is beaten, rapped, and drugged. They take her to a city like Louisville where she is sold to a pimp and forced to have sex with a lot of men every day.

Today at my church’s Men’s Fellowship meeting our program was a social worker Marissa Castellanos who works for Catholic Charities Human Trafficking program. The sad fact is that human slave trade is second only to the drug trade for making money by criminals. The statics are staggering and the salve trade is not just for prostitution but also for domestic servants, hotel house keeping and restaurant staffs. As a pastor I was aware that this happened but the numbers presented today are appalling. I thought that most of the human trafficking victims were from over seas but half are American children and young women.

Awareness is our key to dealing with this issue. First we must all be aware that it happens and report what we see. The HOTLINE number is 1 888 373-7888 use it to report or get help. Second make our girls aware what could happen and train them to avoid walking alone and what to watch for. Girls who run away are often targets for the slave/sex trade recruiters. They never think about that possibility when they run away.

 The problem is world wide and much of the coffee and coco we consume is provided by slave labor in Africa and other places. There is a web site to check on which companies are using and selling products that come from salve labor, and those who use free trade products.

Slavery is illegal but there is a lot of profit in buying and selling slaves and it will take all of us being aware and willing to report when we see it. 

Please pass this information on to others.

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  1. Thanks for raising awareness about this horrible reality!