Monday, April 15, 2013

Training ♀ Girls and ♂ Boys

Training Girls and Boys

I have been thinking about how we need to train our girls and boys in this dangerous age where children can be kidnapped and sold in to the slave sex trade for the perverted pleasure of dirty evil men.

Through the ages ♀ girls have needed to be protected from perverts and some cultures keep them hidden away until they are married. The American culture does not do that but most parents warn their girls about the problem. Most women report that they have had to put up with men who hit on them and try to grope them.

Small ♂ boys are also victims of sexual assault and some times by high profile football coaches and priest. So we need to train our boys as well as girls how to defend themselves and how to report an assault. Then parents need to believe their children and investigate.

Our boys also need to be trained from an early age to respect girls. All too often our boys grow up learning that they are expected to “sow their wild oats” before they get married. They often continue that after marriage. Many feel that it is their god given right to have sex with any girl they can. When these boys become old men they often wind up paying prostitutes for sex they can not get any other way. Many times the prostitutes are sex slaves who work for a pimp that totally controls them.

Train your sons from an early age to respect women and girls as children of God that they must protect and never harm or degrade.

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