Monday, May 6, 2013

Exercising our Rights

To exercise our right to agree or disagree with our political leadership is part of what makes America great. Yet to treat leaders with outright hatred and disrespect dishonors our nation and undermines the values that has made our nation great. If people choose to treat our leaders with hatred and disrespect it will do more damage than any individual President will ever do.

President Obama and his distinguished predecessors are true Americans regardless of their political affiliations and deserve the respect of having been elected to office. We may or may not agree with the decisions of an elected official and express our disapproval of the actions taken. We can be the loyal opposition and work toward the next election to elect leaders who express our point of view. 

Keep your politics positive and express your political thoughts and vote toward the way you desire our country to become. Building up your political party may be more difficult than vilifying an opponent but it is the better and more productive way.

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