Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Self Thoughts

A young friend of mine from a past life in a different state allows her self worth to be determined by other people. I have found that to be the case among many young women I have known as a pastor. There are some women who get to the point of loathing themselves sometimes to the point of taking their own life. How do we condition our girls to defer to others and depreciate their self value? Is this being passed down from mother to daughter?

Over coming this kind of conditioning is most difficult. It can be done but it takes a lot of self re-programming the brain. This all starts with the recognition that the self deprecation is taking place. Reality is the beginning of renewal.

The second step is telling your self many times every day, “I am a child of God, loved by God and I am somebody.”

The third step is to locate people who love and value you for who you are and hang out with them all you can.

The fourth step is to put the people who put you down out of you life. Granted that is sometimes not an easy thing to do.

Life is too short to let other people bring you down so don’t let them. You are in control of that. Think positive things about yourself and say them out loud to yourself.


  1. Excellent advise, but I suspect that's easier said than done.

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