Monday, May 20, 2013


A man I know personally and thought was a fine upstanding guy was caught in a near by city by a police sex crimes sting operation. I was dumb founded to discover that it was sex with a minor charge and it was not the first time he had been caught. He claimed that it happened because of the medication he had taken. That turned out to be Viagra taken on the way over to the house where he thought he was meeting a twelve year old girl.

He was not the first person of my acquaintances’ to be involved in this kind of perversion and likely not the last, sad to say. I have also known men who beat their wives and children and think they have a right to do it. There must be something miss-wired in their brains. These men, if you can call them men, are lower than a snake slithering under a rock.

A real man respects and protects the women and children in his life and does them no harm. You can not truly love some one and also hurt them. You can not love God and prey upon one of His daughters. They will all be judged accordingly. 

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