Thursday, August 22, 2013

What is Good Politics?

I wonder if I will ever witness good politics. That assumes that it is possible to have good politics and perhaps that is very debatable. The main problem in having good politics is that once elected people become self-interested in re-election and later to be employed as a lobbyist or government agency. As the mayor of a small city I can feel the allure of power and wanting to be in control. A politician is a person who has the power to make his or her preferences law and there fore mandatory for others.

In our hi-tech society it may be unlikely that state or federal government can operate on an ethical basis. There are always special interest groups that desire consideration for their position and are willing to pay for it. Ethics may state that one holding office can not accept money for supporting that special interest but there are always ways around. Sometimes there are irreconcilable differences between special interest groups that get sorted out on the side lines out of public sight.

Money talks and a lot of money shouts. Politicians seeking re-election listen to the shouting. We the people need to pay close attention to the shouting and make our voices heard above the din. That is not an easy thing to do but it is the price for good politics.  


  1. Your whole premise is about politicians SEEKING RE-ELECTION. Wouldn't term limits go a long way to fixing that?


  2. It is not my whole premise but a good part of it and yes term limits would help. Serving in Government should be a public service not a job.