Sunday, July 13, 2014

Loving Liberty

I do love my country and on this past Independence Day I rejoiced in celebrating our freedom. Loving our country is a lot like loving our family; it is something that we grew up with. I know people who chose to come here from other countries and become citizens but I did not choose my country in the same way that I did not choose my parents. I have chosen to remain a loyal citizen because I truly love the idea of the "United States of America." Our many freedoms have fostered in me a spirit of personal growth and optimism.

My love of country like my love for my family is not blind. I know that we as a nation have many problems to be solved. I believe that we are one of the best able to solve them. I love the idea of the "USA" so much that I wish the whole world lived under the same concept. Since I was a High School student working on a paper about the United Nations, I have thought that a "United States of the World" would be a very good thing. I know that the idea of a one-world government drives some people crazy, but a world at peace with justice is a wonderful idea.

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