Saturday, July 12, 2014

Contrary Opinions

Now and then I encounter someone who holds very strong opinions that are different than mine. That is OK with me but sometimes it is not OK with the other person. If an opinion is contrary to their opinion then it is all wrong and a barrier goes up. One must be able to listen to contrary opinions and carefully compare the facts with ones own opinion. A change may be in order.

My eldest darling daughter wrote a note expressing her opinion in response to one of my puns and then added “In point of fact, the combination of my mother and father could only lead to children not afraid to voice any opinion, on anything.”

I am very pleased that both of my darling daughters have excellent logical minds that are able to form opinions and then defend their positions. They are both loquacious and competent communicators. Their father is very proud of their abilities.

As one who loves a good turn of words, including puns, I am not surprised that they also enjoy reading and exploring ideas. I firmly believe that learning is a life long occupation in an effort to expand our minds.

Our own opinions are important but we need to be able to examine new information and if it warrants a change of opinion be willing to make the change. It has been said that where three are gathered there are four opinions. There is the opinion of each person and the group opinion. I always believe that my opinion is correct or I would not hold it. I have always been willing to reflect on new information and reconsider my position. I have to admit that it is not always an easy process.

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