Monday, July 7, 2014

Math Terror

I know people who freeze up when told to do some math. Balancing a check book is more than they can do. Math is a life skill that escapes them and they must rely on others to do it for them.

There are other people – most of us who develop math skills as part of our education and consider it just part of life. We may not of have majored in math at collage but we understand the concepts enough to get by in life. Math does not scare us nor does it entice us to do more than necessary.

Then there are those rare people for whom math is their first love. Not only does it come easy for them but they are truly gifted when it comes to numbers. It starts early in life when they learn to count and actually play with numbers the way other children play with toys. Strange as they may seem society needs these math gifted people.

So my friends are you gifted, skilled or in abject terror when it comes to math?\


  1. None of the above. I'm competent....just competent, in math. I was always good in geometry, but not so much in algebra. Which is good as I actually use geometry, but never algebra.


  2. I would put you in the skilled level. There are many .levels of skill