Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Astrology From A Christian Perspective

Last Sunday I overheard two women talking after worship about their horoscope readings for the day. So many church members think that their horoscope is just a fun thing to do on a daily basis. Nothing could be more wrong or more dangerous to a Christian's faith in Christ. It is not a harmless past time or a fun thing to do, it is idol worship putting your faith in something other than God.

From a Christian point of view astrology is an ancient idol worship for when you put your faith in a horoscope reading that is what you are doing. Many modern Christians do not realize that Astrology is an ancient religion based on the signs of the zodiac and to trust in them means your are turning your back on faith in God. Even though astrology has remained popular over the centuries it is not allowed according to the bible.

Every now and then someone will open a conversation with me by asking, “What’s your sign?” and I know what they mean. My answer often confuses them. I say, “My sign is the cross.” I usually get a blank stare and then they say, “No I mean your birth sign.” To which I reply, “I was born again under the sign of the cross and my faith in the future is in Jesus.”

As a pastor I encourage all Christians to keep faith with Jesus and answer, “My sign is the cross!”

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