Sunday, July 26, 2015

Life is About to Change

Life is about to change at the Odom-Groh household. My darling wife is going to be retired at the end of the month and we will both need to learn new routines.

For the past fourteen years every week day she has left the house before I woke up to catch the buss for her job downtown. She developed a routine that worked for her and moved ther through the day. I also developed my own routine for doing household chores and having supper ready when she arrived home. Starting Friday July 31 all that is going to be disturbed.

Mind you I am looking forward to it but a change is a change none the less. I will enjoy waking up to her sweet smile every day and sharing the day with her, taking day trips with her and being able to chat about things we are reading. We are going to go back to our old cooking routine of many years ago. We both love to cook and she has been cooking on her week-end and I have been cooking on her work day. Starting in August we will be taking turns a week at a time and the one who is cooking will also do the shopping.

We will also revisit old patterns for cleaning house and taking care of the yard. Yes life is about to change in the Odom-Groh Household for the better.
Praise the Lord.

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