Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days

Since the time of FDR the first 100 days of a presidency  has been used to mark success or failure just because FDR got so much done in his first hundred days.

Yesterday President Obama completed one hundred days and touted his success. We must give him the credit due because he had accomplished a lot and almost as much as FDR. He inherited almost as big of a mess as FDR did.

As one who believes that all governments should have balanced budgets and NO debt I have been very disgusted with both major parties since Reagan came to power with his voodoo economics. An un-necessary war for which the true cost were hidden and the failure to keep investment banks in check have created a huge debt for future generations to pay off. I did not like it when Bush bailed out those bad banks with out any controls and even switch the pay out plan. I do remember that President Hover in the 1930's did nothing and we wound up in a great depression. No modern president wants to repeat that.

President Obama has done very good in repairing the image of the US around the world. All in all I give him a B+ for effort. I pray for him every day and for our country and world peace. I pray for the day when the armed forces of all nations stay within their own borders!

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  1. I feel similar. Considering the situation he sure does deserve a B...