Friday, May 1, 2009

No Limits

  From time to time we all face limits to our abilities and movements. Sometimes these are physical in nature, like a broken hip or leg. Sometimes our limits are imposed by others, such as the boss won't let you have time off. Most often, our limits are self- imposed by our saying, "I can't do it." These self-imposed limits are the most debilitating. Even physical limits do not have to stop us if we choose not to let them.

 Jesus said, "If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, you could move mountains." We are faced with many possible limits in our lives, if we choose to accept them. If we choose not to accept them as limits, we can use them to work for us. The loss of a job can become an opportunity for a better one, or a new career. Loneliness can be a time of creativity, if we put it to good use. An argument with a mate or friend can be a time of learning and growing. 

We can use the things that seem to limit us as an advantage. It is our choices that makes a crisis an opportunity. If we have faith in God and are seeking to do His will, what seems to be limits in one direction can become a springboard to greater achievements in a new direction. When we live by faith, even an evil event can be converted and used for good. 

The choice is ours to let it do us in or to look for ways to use it for God.


  1. My pastor used the mustard seed passage last Sunday.

    Thank you for the encouraging words today.

  2. A very good reminder.

  3. Stepping out in faith is sometimes an extremely difficult thing to do. You know God is there - but - you just don't know what's going to happen. It is, however, always fascinating to see God move in whatever way He chooses.