Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why Were They Called Christians?

"And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." Acts 11:26

 The early disciples were distinguished by the unique quality of their lives, belonging to Jesus body and soul. They had become a different people because they possessed the spirit of Jesus and were committed fully to Him. They had the following marks of character: 

J   1. They loved and trusted Jesus completely.

J   2. They were reverent and humble.

J   3. They possessed a forgiving spirit.

J   4. They had a world outlook.

J   5. They loved all people.

J   6. They sought God's will in everything.

J   7. They gladly bore their crosses.

 The church began with Jesus, His word of God's love and salvation, His way of living, doing, and loving. The disciples loved Him and received His spirit as well as His commission to do His work. They believed in His promise, obeyed His precepts, and perpetuated the Last Supper. They continued to live under Jesus' directions and to teach their followers to live according to the way of Jesus. For this, they were called the “People of the Way”.

 Then the People of the Way took their faith to Antioch where people spoke Greek. Jesus the Messiah became known as Jesus the Christ which is the Greek word for Messiah. The word Christian means belonging to the Christ. So the book of Acts reports that The followers of Jesus were first called Christians at Antioch.

 I wonder, would we be called Christians without telling others that we belonged to Christ? Would you be considered Christ-like by someone who didn't know that you belonged to His Church? Will they know we are Christians by our love? Something to meditate on...


  1. Perhaps your actions would give you away despite any label or name. I suspect so.

    If you believed what you believe but had no label I sincerely think we could see it in your commitments and deeds Larry...


  2. I have read that the word "Christian" comes from a word meaning idiot, and that the people of that day was using it derogatarily when referring to the "people of the way"! I have since renounced the title "Christian" and have taken on the title of "Follower of The Way" or "Disciple of Jesus"! Am I wrong about the origin of the word "Christian"?

    1. YES you are the word comes from Christo meaning the anointed one which is what Messiah means. Christian means one belonging to Christ.