Friday, April 3, 2009


When we moved into our new home one of the things we enjoyed was the birdbath in the back yard. It was setting on the lawn and looked lovely in that spot. It was OK except when it rained the ground under one side tended to sink so that the birdbath leaned to one side. 

I told my wife that I thought I would move it to the corner of the patio but she didn't like that idea. One day I moved it anyway and  was rewarded with, "I said I didn't like that idea." So I said I would move it back to where it was.

Later we sat down for supper and she said, "Oh I can see birds in the birdbath from here!" The birdbath has remained there ever since.

Sometimes a change we don't want turns out to be a blessing. Some of the unwanted changes God makes in our lives turns out to be great blessings.


  1. That's for sure!

  2. Very sweet and so true. Blessings come from where you least expect them. :)

  3. A change of scene is usually good they say.

  4. How true that is....changes we may not like, but are actually blessings!