Saturday, April 4, 2009


Tomorrow is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week in the West. 

Palm Sunday is the day we celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem with the CROWDS cheering him on the way with palm branches and shouts of hosanna. 

I was in a bible study with some fellow clergy when the leader started ranting about the fickle crowds that cheered Jesus on Sunday and jeered him on Friday. He wondered how could they could do that? My response was it was a very different crowd.

On Sunday - the first work day of the week for the Jews - were common people out on the road leading into Jerusalem. They looked to Jesus as the coming Messiah and they rejoiced.

On Friday Jesus had been taken captive in the middle of the night with no crowds of commoners around. He had been tried in hostile courts during the night and returned to Pilate for a final judgment very early in the morning hours. The crowds there were not the same common people on the road into the city but carefully selected people who would do the bidding of the political leaders who wanted Jesus out of the way.

Enjoy your devotions during Holy Week.


  1. Hi Pastor. Nice commentary.
    I've always wondered how those people that mocked, jeered and crucified Him - feel about it NOW.

  2. That's for sure.