Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Dust TO Dust

Most young people feel that they are invulnerable but there comes a frightening moment when we come to the realization that the  material of which we are made is fragile. Perhaps we suffer a serious injury or a close friend is killed. It may be that a doctor gives us a diagnosis of a fatal illness. There comes that moment in time when we see ourselves for what we are  --- simply dust of the earth. The funeral commitment reads "ashes to ashes and dust to dust." How many times have I said that.

In the right hands it is amazing what can be done with dust. A lump of clay - dust with water added - can become a thing of beauty. A potter can mold clay into almost any shape and make it useful. Clay slapped on a potters wheel spins and with a little pressure rises up to interesting shapes. If you find yourself on the potters wheel, pushed and prodded  seemingly spinning out of control you may feel dizzy and scared. Don't forget that the master potter is fashioning a container for a most prized treasure.

Day by day we are becoming vessels through which God can pour out the Holy Spirit to bless the world around us.  


  1. Thanks for this post. It seems rather timely.

  2. pastor Larry,

    I am the brother of smartiplants, a.k.a. Nancy Chisum. I am the author of In My Travels, Free As The Wind and Ramblings Fro The Rim.
    Please help me pray for Nancy's health problems, diabetes, asthma and coping with mom's death. I am beginning to worry about her. My emails are: radennis65@yahoo.com and rdennis@toast.net.
    Thank you for your help and prayers.

  3. Robert I have and I will pray for Nan