Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voice From Above ;-)

A pastor asked a member of the church to fix some wiring in the sanctuary. The only way to work on it was to enter a small crawl space over the ceiling and balance on the rafters.

His wife was concerned that it was a very dangerous thing to do and insisted on coming along to make sure he was safe. She sat in the pew while he went up to the second floor and entered the crawl space access over the sanctuary ceiling. While she waited in the pew with eyes glued to the ceiling a small group of women entered the sanctuary to replace the flowers. They assumed she was praying and left her alone.

After a time she called up to the ceiling, "Henry, are you up there? Did you make it OK?"

There was quite an outburst from the other ladies when they heard Henry's loud voice echo down, "Yes honey I made it just fine and I am OK."


  1. Can you imagine if that really happened? (or did it?)
    I got a visual on that one: Those people falling to the floor on their knees, in shock and awe!