Saturday, April 18, 2009

News Junkie

I have been a "News Junkie" all of my adult life. I have often subscribed to several papers as I feel that one source of information is not enough. Some papers are biased to the right and other are biased to the left. I would also flip from one TV news to the other for the same reason.

Then came cable news and the Internet - wow you could have information over load!

I daily read my local papers, BBC News and Deutsche Welle [pronounced vella] and others. Then there is all kinds of cable news CNN, MSNBC, FOX, CBC, and well you know the line up.

I am aware of the bias of each and that is fine with me as it gives me a chance to sort out some truth. Well that is not always easy with both major parties playing dirty tricks with "Leaks" that are not true.  But the over seas news gives me a wider perspective that helps me understand how other nations look at the US. It take a lot of study to take it all in.


  1. I used to read the CJ all the time when i lived there in the 'ville-- hey, are ya goin to the Derby this year?

  2. good for you! I am often amazed at how one-sided some of the news stations are.

    I never listen to Deutsche Welle, but then, I can listen and see enough German stations. ;-)

  3. sccr09 I don't go any where near the place. It is so crazy round here during derby that I just stay home and read.

    Thanks Dorrie

  4. And thus the lure of the internet. So much info and so little time. I get way too fired up about all the news from all sources but boy do I love it! LOL

  5. You would be happy with all the news wires I receive on my desk. I get scrolling news before it hits the news casts from AP, Bloomberg,Dow,etc....