Thursday, November 5, 2009

Spiritual Malnourished

I was at a truly awesome buffet line that had everything you could want for eating. There were lots of healthy choices for me. The family just ahead of me had a spoiled fat child who would only take junk comfort food that was sweet or salty. The child was over weight but malnourished because of the quality of food chosen. The parents were setting the example.
In life we also have a spiritual buffet line with lots of choices. We can choose spiritual health food or spiritual junk food. Like a child that dines only on comfort food we may choose only what feels easy and starve spiritually while feeling good. Many of the truly nourishing spiritual offerings are difficult to assimilate but build spiritual health over time.
Spiritual health foods like meditation, prayer, faith study, practicing patience’s with others, and of course resisting temptations take effort. Like good physical health habits good spiritual health habits are a daily exercise if they are to work for us. We don’t have to be spiritually malnourished Christians because the buffet line has everything we need in great abundance.


  1. "Take Effort". That is the key. I was thinking about this today when reading the news about how people are so stressed out about life and have gained weight because they are eating junk to relieve the stress. This is a choice. It takes work, it takes practice. And it takes God.

  2. Thanks wildstorm and hello Fijufic