Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Your Choice in Eternity

The sad thing is that we often don’t make a conscious choice. But we become distracted by non-important choice offered up by the world. We don’t see it as a choice between God and this what ever and at that moment the what ever seems like more fun. Yet that is the choice we are making.
A ball game is starting at 10 AM Sunday morning and it is a choice between worshipping God on the Sabbath or having a little fun at the ball game. But we say, “Oh I can go to church next Sunday.” The devil smiles and says but you chose not to worship God this Sunday and I have a little piece of you.”
I was on the board of directors of the YMCA in Chillicothe, Missouri and at one meeting the Aquatics Director wanted to schedule a swim meet on Saturday and Sunday. She had to be reminded that the YMCA was a Christian organization and we did not schedule anything that would pull the children out of church.
So many organizations see a blank spot on their calendars on Sunday mornings and think that nothing is going on. Then we are faced with a choice between God and some event that we would like to attend.
Yes it is in fact a choice between that event and faithfulness to God.

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  1. Wonderful Pastor Larry just wonderful