Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2010 ???

Christmas morning I sat looking at the pile of Christmas presents we had received and thought I really don’t need any of this stuff. Oh some of it was wonderful but it really was excess in our home. I thought about all the presents we purchased and mailed to family and friends and concluded that they did not really need what we sent them. Considering how much my family spent for presents and shipping we were sure helping to pull the economy out of the recession.
In thinking about Christmas 2010 I am wondering about changing the habits of my family in giving gifts. I believe giving Christmas presents is good in many ways but I would like more significance in the gifts for next year. If all I do is add to the over-abundance in their lives and they do the same for me what does it really mean?
I know that in this present economic condition that there are a lot of people who have nothing for Christmas and for that matter all year. I doubt that we are giving much of a gift to ourselves and the next generation by our current habits and it does little good for others. My project for this year is to convince my family that adults exchange cards and make donations to charitable causes in honor of the birth of Christ in our family’s names. Children should continue to be blessed with the love of gifts.
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  1. This is a great post. I almost wrote one similar to it. We did not give any gifts this year because of financial situaiton--lay off, job cuts, etc. It's been terrible for us. But, we did something for the baby and others helped us without giving the typical presents. It was one of the most wonderful Christmas's ever. I hand made some things for others, but everyone knew our situation and I was still able to give what we could. And that was service. Next year will be much better but I don't want all the stress of having to buy and wrap presents. I want to show appreciation without the commercialization of it all.