Monday, December 28, 2009

Re-Givting ???


Christmas is over and we still have our Christmas gifts lined up under the tree so thank you notes can be written. As we look at the treasure some thought come to mind. First thought is how thankful we are for family and friends who took the time to select and mail them to us. Second thought is “What were they thinking?”
Some of the stuff sold for Christmas presents is – well – not useful or tasteful. One item is for sure next years “White Elephant gift” and will be put in a box for that purpose. Then there is the problem of too much stuff already. By this time in our lives we have all we really need and want. Some of the gifts are really nice but will only take up space. What shall we do?
Roll Eyes
Re-Gifting is a much practiced tradition with excess gifts. Keep it in its box and use other occasions to give it away. Many of us feel odd about re-gifting but it makes sense. When you receive three Christmas gifts that are just alike and you only need one then two of them can be re-gifted. Make a note as to who gave you the item so you don’t send it back.
What do you think about Re-Gifting?

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