Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009

As 2009 moves into the history books I can wave good-bye and reflect on its passing.
Like all years it had both good and bad events but in general it was a good year for me and mine.
We entered the year with a really bad economy but it has improved. There is still a ways to go though. Personally my finical condition has improved. Except for the mortgage I owe NO debt.
Cloud Nine
The Ice storm and wind storm knocked out our power for extended periods of time and created havoc in the City of Bellemeade Kentucky where I am mayor. For some reason everyone here expect the mayor to be able to do something about that. Actually I did! I worked with the electric company to make improvements in the lines so that fewer neighbors would be with out power when a line went down. On a personal basis I shopped for a generator that would power the  house automatically fueled by natural gas. It was turned on for the first time yesterday and it works so we are ready for winter outages now.
I spent much of 2009 preaching for Crestwood Christian Church while they looked for a new pastor. In April they asked me to preach for a few weeks and I preached until the last Sunday in November. I am now totally retired again.
I started a new volunteer ministry as a chaplain for the Lyndon Fire and Rescue district and wound up working a nasty fire on Christmas morning where two young boys were killed.
My darling youngest daughter - the opera singer - came for Christmas and sang for both Christmas Eve services at Hurstborne Christian Church where we are members and made us very proud. She has such a lovely voice.
Cloud Nine
All in all it has been a good year for us.Angel