Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Natural Disasters

I have been thinking about the earthquake in Haiti and other natural disasters around the world. Several religious and radio personalities, whom I shall not name, have stated that Haiti is being punished by God for their sins. These kinds of statements are nothing new with these people who are just being cruel. These same people said the same thing about New Orleans and Katrina. What about all the good people who live in the same areas?
All through history every religion has had to deal with the issue of terrible things happening either by nature or by other humans. The whole book of Job deals with why do bad things happen to good people. Earthquakes happen for natural reasons and so do typhoons and tornadoes. I believe it is wrong to blame God or the sins of some of the people who live in those places.

Chin What do you think?


  1. Ooohhh the book of Job? I'm going to study in my Bible today.

    I'm guilty of asking God "why" did this happen to Haiti, espcially since they already were so badly impoverished before this earthquake happened. Then all the aftershocks and a big one just yesterday...a 5.9 !

    They have suffered so much and now this!

  2. Another tremor today too. This may go on for a year.

  3. Why? Good people? Blasphemy! "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" says Saint Paul to the Romans. NONE are good... so that includes those in Rome, New Orleans, and Haiti. And yes, this means all of us and it also includes you and me. And since we together were spared the wrath of floods and shaking earth, we are now called to lift up those who now sit in ashes, mud and rubble... and help them. As we do so, we are called by scripture to turn to God, the Author of our salvation and ask forgiveness in Christ Jesus.

  4. Hi Larry!! How are you and Melanie doing?? Tell her hello for us. Both of us are doing OK.
    Dick & Marilyn Sidden

  5. Hi Dick and Marilyn We are doing wonderful. Good to hear from you. I am retired now and Melanie will retire in 6 years. :)

  6. Life is short and full of trouble. And isn't it.