Sunday, January 17, 2010

Argue With God???

I thought I must be a terrible person. I had clearly heard God’s call to preach the Gospel and I was arguing with God about why I was the wrong man for the job. I talked to my pastor about it and he referred me to the book of Exodus where God called to Moses out of a burning bush.
To my shock Moses had also argued with God giving God all kinds of excuses for why he was the wrong man to send. I guess people never change. Like Moses I knew that I was not a perfect person, not good enough to be a servant of God. I had some bad habits thought that no one would want to hear me speak. I was wrong I forgot that God would supply His power for my weakness if I turned them over to Him.
God was not asking me to be a perfect servant. God was asking me to be a willing servant. When I finally said yes to God the Holy Spirit came upon me and gave me all that I would ever need for ministry. That was over 40 years ago. God is still calling people who are not perfect to be holy servants in spite of our weaknesses and failures. Be willing and available.

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  1. I think he often looks towards people that feel they are unworthy or have been through such turmoil.