Saturday, January 23, 2010

Raising Children

Most people raise their children one day at a time not really thinking very far ahead. Parents we need to think about the future when those children leave the nest.
Keep your perspective. Babies come into the world and they are the focus of attention everything has to be done for them but that doesn’t last long. Our goal as parents is to raise them to be independent adults. Then we are surprised when that is what they want to be, how-be-it about five years before we are ready for it.
Big Grin
Early on set the example for what you dream for them in their adult future. They will copy you. If you are a loving devoted married couple treating one another with respect, the will copy you. If you hold the law in high regard so will they. If you words are civil and positive theirs will be too.


  1. I think everything we do affects so many others and how we raise our kids affects not just them but the future.

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