Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I get more than the usual amount of email forwards and I delete most of them. Some have been forwarded a dozen times and I get the same ones from different people. Forwarded emails have become very dangerous as spammers are creating bogus messages that they know will be forwarded to a lot of people. What is embedded in the email is a hidden cookie that every time you forward the message the person who originated the email gets a copy of your address book and send spam messages as through they came from you.
Be careful about what you send out and don’t actually forward any email you aren’t sure of. Messages that say forward to at least ten people are highly suspect. The better way is to copy the text in the message and create a new message.
Be careful with your emails.Cool


  1. I delete the forwards. Many times they come from foks who are older than I am and as a sign of respect I don't say anything to them about it.

    I do create rules in my mailbox that has them in their own file however.


  2. My email account is set up to automatically trash all FWD emails. Of course, I have to go into my trash box to see if there was anything from family that may important, but most of it is ridiculous nonesense that people read and actually believe.

  3. Wildstorm it is ridiculous but there is a LOT of that going on.

  4. The plan works and from time to time I'll go to the box and respond with a personal note.

    I save their feelings from being hurt yet I still stay in touch.