Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Only Stuff

I have been taking stock of the "stuff" stored in our home. I have been peering into shelves, boxes closets, the garage and atic to see exactly what we have.
I opened a box and thought, "I wondered where that was!" I repeated that many times.
Now that I am retired I see that I  have too many suits and ties. Some of them have to go as I have not worn them in three years. I could free up a lot of closet space in short order if I can just let go of my excess. I think "Goodwill" is about to get a car load.
This is not easy as I like this stuff but it is only things and if I haven't used them then what am I keeping the for?


  1. About every six months, Regan and I take inventory of our home and get rid of anything we are not using. Regan is much better than I in that he can live with a cast iron skillet, a table and chairs, his computer and a TV and be very happy in life. But it is easy to accumulate things over time.

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Pastor Larry...looks like Fall Cleaning time!