Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take Over the World!

I have an ex-navy shipmate who sends a lot of forwards without checking them. He also generates some without making sure of the facts and I suspect he just makes stuff up. He is so angry that a black man is president he can’t see straight and he hates Muslims in the extreme.
He sent me an anit-muslim email that talked about how that religion is planning to take over the world.
At the end of it he concludes that any religion that plans to take over the world should be banned.
The man is Catholic and says this. Perhaps he does not love  his church.
Jesus sent his followers in to ALL the world and ordered them to “Make Disciples of everyone.” IE take over the world. The church has sent missionaries everywhere with plans to do just that.
The nature of religion is to spread the faith so lets have a little common sense.Cloud Nine


  1. Again this phenemonon is generally attributed to someone who is older.

    For the record, we are digital immigrants.

    Those under 30 are digital natives.

    I am cordial with these emails but I do not take offense to them. My father and his older friends do that sort of thing all the time...

    My mom is wise enough to text me, call me on my cell or use skype.


  2. With all due respect, Pastor Larry, we (Catholics) are Christians.

    Please read what the Vatican said about the (almost) Koran burning in Florida this past Saturday.

    This man, and those who did burn the pages, were Protestants.

    He does not represent the majority of Protestant churches any more than this friend of yours represents the Catholic Church.

    But the moderate and peaceful Muslims, of whom I think are the majority, need to get their house in order and rid themselves of their (deadly) fanatics.

  3. Doanli re-read my statement. I am not against the Catholic church and I know you are Christian.
    The issue is that he did not seem to know that Christian are commanded to take over the world for Christ. His statement would ban the Christian faith as well as almost every other faith. It was inane.

  4. There is a difference, Pastor. Islam allows violence against those who do not submit.

    You are a good man, Pastor but the cloud of liberalism masks your insight.