Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lurid Temptations

A woman came to  my church office seeking counseling to overcome a certain temptation. It was one of those lurid temptations that so many people have from time to time. She had never acted on the temptation but was bothered that she even had it and that it was making her crazy in her fantasy.
We talked for a while and as she began to leave she turned and said, "This has helped me a lot and what has been the most helpful is that you don’t despise me for what I told you about my self."
All of us sin and I know that. My sin and her sin may have been about different thoughts and actions but sin is sin and is all the same. Sin is what ever separates us from a loving relationship with God. She felt forgiveness from God for her sin that day and so did I. 
Cloud Nine

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