Monday, October 25, 2010

Reshaping God's Commands

How easy it is for us to slip into our own way of applying the words of Jesus. So many people read into scripture what they want it to say and ignore what it really says.
Many are the examples of people who do evil and rationalize the blame on someone else. It is an old story and a new one every day. Some one else sins are worse than mine so I am ok. We must think we are going to be graded on the curve so we point out everyone else.
Life is all about our own journey through it. If we fill it with love, forgiveness and blessing then that is what we will have. Today I need to be a blessing for others, to love others and to help others. I practice random acts of kindness and focused love. There is no room for hate.


  1. Larry - You need to change your header on this blog to "Willing to receive" from "Willing to received"

    I make typos all the time..GRRRRR

    Good post brother.