Saturday, October 30, 2010

Political Reflections

The past two years that I have been Mayor of the City of Bellemeade Kentucky have been an interesting learning process for me. As a pastor I learned a long time ago that I can not please everyone and that is even truer in the political arena. Too much for some citizens is not enough for others.
On Tuesday we vote for people to fill OUR government positions. It always has been a messy process. There was vote buying in Athens and that has not changed. Even when candidates are trying to be civil special interest groups often put out scare us ads that most of the time are out and out lies.
Sorting through it all takes effort but for the sake of the country that is what we need to do on Tuesday. The MOST important thing is for each of us to actually get to the polls and VOTE!

1 comment:

  1. well, obviously I WON'T be voting but I'll never understand why the different parties always have to oppose each other instead of supporting good ideas which are for the good of the people, no matter which party the idea comes from!

    Remember? Westy for president! lol