Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Day of Advent

Today is the First Sunday in Advent and I have been meditating on the meaning of that word. Mathew, Mark, and Luke describe the birth of Jesus as a human boy. The Gospel according to John tells us about the ADVENT of God coming to live with us.

I have been enchanted by the power of words since I learned how to read. When I learned in English class how to diagram a sentence and name its parts, nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, I was enamored by the various uses of words. Though in some ways I was like the boy when asked by the teacher, “What is a synonym?” he replied, “It’s a word you use in place of another when you can’t spell the first one.”
The English translation of the Gospel according to John says, “the WORD became flesh.” This is so much more than “W-O-R-D” it is an expression of power. While it is an accurate translation it does not quite bring to us all of the power of the original Greek text. What is translated as “Word” in English is “Logos” in Greek and carries a lot more information. The more accurate phrase would be, "The power of God became flesh."  During the season of Advent - from today until Christmas Eve - we prepare our spirits to celebrate this most powerful event. 

May your Advent 2010 be a blessing for your spirit.


  1. I miss being able to put up the first candle in my layout :-(

  2. Me too - will I miss you doing that.
    I wonder when we will get our layouts back.

  3. I was terrible at being tested for grammar! However, I got high marks on essays.
    Have a nice Sunday Pastor Larry!